Helseplan operates a network, “NYSAM”, for exchange of learning and development by sharing key healthcare figures

NYSAM is a collaboration where medical departments share key healthcare statistics. Nysam was established in Sweden in 1993 and the network has participants from more than 30 different medical specialties. Participation in the Nysam-network provides several distinct benefits including:

  • Comparability - Common definitions, methods and registration routines make Nysam the most extensive and useful set of key healthcare figures available today
  • Information - The review transforms simple raw data into a valuable and useful informational tool
  • Quality - The review helps in completing missing responses and correcting erroneous figures meaning a considerable increase in data reliability

The review is done by the members of Nysam meeting in more than 30 different groups. Each group serves to evaluate the data as well as acting as an informational forum for ideas about new treatments, priorities, current challenges and their solutions.

Helseplan is one of the major providers of healthcare management services in Scandinavia founded in 1980’s as a response to hospital managers’ request to get management consultancy advice and benchmark their hospital against others. Still today we are proud to be known for offering services tailored to our clients’ specific needs as healthcare policymakers or managers. Our mission is to support healthcare providers in developing and providing good healthcare.
All of the 24 county councils in Sweden are Helseplan clients, and we have strategic assignments with clinics and departments in both Norway and Sweden. Our range of services, from analysis to implementation, makes it possible to achieve effective output based on reforms. The work of Helseplan is divided into three areas – Consulting, Benchmarking and E-health.

Combined Helseplan offers more than 300 years of practical healthcare experience. At Helseplan we believe that we will best create value for our clients by creating a multi-professional, high-achieving team where everybody contributes with his or her unique perspective, experience and preferences. Therefore Helseplan constitutes of a team with mixed academic backgrounds: medicine, nursing, psychiatry, engineering, business, organisation, management and economics. Our professional backgrounds also vary from management consulting to clinical and managing work.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing and developing healthcare organisations to increase capacity and output, improve quality, and reduce costs
  • Strategic development, such as healthcare models for planning, control and follow-up
  • Management of hospitals and clinics or providing managers on-demand
  • Benchmarking enabling departments to compare its performance, costs, quality, and staffing to others.
  • Fully utilising IT and E-health solutions, our newest response to our clients’ needs is a market place for diagnostic imaging
  • Training in leadership, change management and patientsafety

Helseplan has successfully delivered more than 500 projects, helping private and public hospitals, in both large and small healthcare organisations to develop.

Helseplan believes in knowledge development and networking in order to successfully embrace the challenges of the future. Our network of doctors and nurses within different disciplines ensure we are ready to take on diverse tasks. We also have a succesful collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics, giving us access to highly qualified academic resources and research.

Helseplan International

Helseplan has recently been appointed to be members of the Supporting LIFE Project Malawi, 2013 . Supporting LIFE is a project under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union (FP7). The overall objective of Supporting LIFE is to combat mortality and morbidity among children in Malawi. The project targets disease control in a multi-target intervention. Supporting LIFE provides local health surveillance assistants in Malawi with an electronic IMCI application based on mobile phones which can be used to improve the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of seriously ill children with infectious diseases and to circumvent the absence of healthcare infrastructures. Primary focus is given to malaria and infantile diarrhoea disease control. However Supporting LIFE aims to be applicable to identification of children with numerous serious infections, including malaria and infantile diarrhoea, but also pneumonia, meningitis and sepsis.

Helseplan’s contribution to the project is to be part of the Advisory Panel to the project. The Advisory advises the Consortium on scientific, technical and operational matters. Helseplan holds two of the Advisory roles; Capacity Buidling and IT Solutions.

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