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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) benchmarking – ett ursprungligen nordiskt projekt som utvidgats till att vara europeiskt, för framtagande av data och nyckeltal inom prehospital vård. 

The Nordic countries are among the top-ranking health care services and have a long tradition of collecting data, documenting and publishing their outcomes for the patients. However, we've learned that for the Nordic countries' Emergency Medical Services (EMS) this is not the case.

The collaboration between Nordic countries on benchmarking EMS data started in this context in the autumn of 2013. On that time was it actual for several Nordic countries to develop national EMS patient care records and databases. Nest year started organized and regular work to define common data variables to enable collect and benchmark EMS data, in the first hand between Nordic countries, and hopefully later even more internationally.

Identified developments for the future:

  • The Nordic project group suggests including EMS as a new area of statistics in the Nordic Ministry Council.
  • Continued formalized Nordic collaboration on quality and patient issues for EMS patients is needed.
  • To be able to collect and compare valid patient data, national electronic patient records and registries in the EMS should be implemented.
  • A Nordic manual for using a subset of ICPC 2 classification for EMS is needed and should be implemented.
  • Developing common Nordic criterion and definitions of urgencies and priorities for the same type of incidents to be implemented in the emergency medical dispatch centers.

Find out more in our latest report.


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